SUP 003: ACV Shots, Chronic Migraines, Meat Quality & Food Sensitivity Tests


This week’s episode is purely listener questions. We cover a wide range of topics from meat quality, migraines, digestion, and more!

4:00 – Why we updated our contact form to include your age.

6:00-8:30 – How excited we are about fall.

9:30 – People in the health world commenting on others’ weight & veganism

15:00- Kara’s update about her website. Click here to sign up for her email list and when the site is fully updated she will email you her NEW free ebook!

18:00- First listener question. Are ACV shots good for the gut?

22:30- Listening to your body vs doing things because it’s trendy.

25:10- Listener question #2. Will AIP help with my chronic migraines? Is it necessary to buy high quality meats while healing?

29:30- Medications and interactions with your health & food fear

32:00- Getting to the underlying cause and not treating the symptoms, IBS and SIBO, healing leaky gut.

40:45- Is buying high quality meat really that important?

46:30- Being a cardio bunny

48:30- Listener question #3. Should I get a food sensitivity test?

60:00- Close

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