SUP 004: Instagram’s Health Information, Giving Advice to Family, and Fearing Weight Gain and Calories

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2:15 – Primal Kitchen Giveaway

5:30 – Updates: Primal Kitchen Culver City, site changes, trips to Dallas

11:04 – Listener Question 1: What health information can you trust? How do you get your family to eat healthier?

13:00 – Getting health information from Instagram and blogs and finding information you can trust

28:25 – What to do when your family doesn’t understand a healthy lifestyle

38:00 – Listener Question 2: Switching from low fat, low calorie diet to higher calories // overexercising, undereating, thyroid problems, and sugar addiction

41:45 – Fear of gaining weight and fear of calories

48:00 – Sugar addiction and candida

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