SUP 005: Leanne Vogel on All Things Keto


This week we’re doing a GIVEAWAY with Primal Kitchen! One winner will receive the complete Keto Kit, which includes all of Primal Kitchen’s condiments. To enter, all you have to do is leave a review on iTunes, screenshot it, and email it to with the subject “Primal Kitchen Giveaway”. Good luck! Giveaway ends on Setpember 28, 2017.


0-6:45- Kara & Christina’s Updates

6:45- Primal Kitchen Giveaway Details!!

8:30- Introducing Leanne Vogel

15:30- Amennorrhea and getting your period back

17:42- What is enough fat?

21:00- Keto mess-ups

25:09- Keto vs high fat low carb

35:15- Carb ups

38:25- Keto, age and testing

43:00- Calories and fat

55:45- Protein

60:00- Keto for women

66:00- Close


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