SUP 007: Meg Doll on Eating Disorder Recovery, Parasites and Seed Cycling


0:00-4:45: Introducing Meg Doll. Meg is a holistic nutritionist and co-host of The Nourished Podcast. Find her on Instagram at @megtherhn and at

6:45- Seed Cycling for hormones.

17:00- Meg’s hormonal health journey.

22:30- Meg’s battle with having a parasite: symptoms and what she did.

32:52- Parasites and Carbs

38:00- Recovering from an eating disorder through mindset.

43:05- Intuitive Eating and how doing what scares you can be the best thing for you.

54:00- Fueling your body appropriately.

56:00- Signs of under eating and under eating FAT.

67:00- How to know when to eat more fat.

77:00- Meg’s book: Keto Freedom


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