SUP 009: Body Building, Cleanses and other Health Mistakes


00:00-6- Kara’s trip to Austin staying in a shipping container and Christina’s trip to the Bay Area.

9:00- Our seed cycling updates.

12:00- Health trends we’ve tried that have been fails.

13:00- Kara’s experience with body building. How she found body building, the workouts, the food and how it destroyed her adrenals.

23:00- Christina’s experience with body building and how it impacted her energy, bowels and sanity.

25:00- If it fits your macros.

28:30- Kara’s experience with body building supplements.

31:00- Do you need protein right after your workout? Do you need protein powder at all?

37:00- Fasted workouts for fat loss and who should do them.

43:00- The Medical Medium Raw Vegan Cleanse and how it impacted Kara’s health.

46:25- When a plant based, therapeutic diet is appropriate vs how it can mess with digestion and hormones.

52:00- The chia seed obsession!!

54:00- Extreme’s don’t work for long term health

57:50- Stop eating activated charcoal with food!

60:00- Close

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