SUP 010: Courtney Swan from Realfoodology on the Danger of GMOs, Women’s Health and Hormones, & Holistic Approaches to Birth Control


3:00 – Kara’s adventures on a ropes course and her services as a Private Holistic Chef in Dallas!

8:00 – Christina’s 5-Week Paleo for Women Program and holiday e-book launching this week!

15:00 – Kara’sGrow Your Instagram challenge!

17:10 – Introducing our guest, Courtney Swan! Courtney is an integrative nutritionist, the creator of, an incredible food activist, and the nutritionist / personal assistant to Tove Lo.

18:55 – Courtney’s background and what it’s like being Tove’s assistant

21:30 – Why supplements help, and Courtney’s favorite supps

26:00 – Is adrenal fatigue a myth?

30:20 – The danger of GMOs and why organic is so important

42:15 – The truth about “scientific” studies

46:00 – The importance of healthy fats, and plant fats vs animal fats

50:00 – How much protein should we be eating?

54:30  – Can you eat too many vegetables?

59:50 – Women’s hormones and the risks of conventional birth control

1:08:30 – Forms of natural birth control

**Courtney meant to say that there is only a short window of time to get pregnant, not to get your period!

1:14:00 – Dangers of conventional tampons

1:18:50 – Balancing hormones after getting off the pill

1:27:00 – Getting rid of shame

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