SUP 011: Binge Eating Recovery, Protein Powder and When to Unfollow Someone on Social Media


Your listening to Straight Up Paleo. Where Christina Rice and Kara Halderman answer all your health questions…straight up.


1:45- What Kara and Christina did this weekend and why they’re so tired!!

4:00- Join Kara’s No Sugar November Challenge (or until Thanksgiving) challenge by following her on Instagram @kara_boutit.

5:45- Christina’s new holiday ebook and how it’s much more than just recipes.

8:00- Christina’s trip to Seattle and how her protein powder destroyed her digestion.

11:00- Paleo Diet for Women 5 Week Program 

12:10- Kara’s private chef gig.

13:20- First Listener Question: Protein Powders

14:30- Protein powder dependency and what kinds to use.

18:00- Protein powder for building muscle.

21:00- Protein powder and inflammation.

23:45- Listener Question #1: Recovering from binging.

26:00- How to change your mindset around food and binging.

30:00- Binge eating related to gut issues.

40:00- How allowing yourself to eat will set you free.

42:20- Action items to stop binging and book recommendation: Brain Over Binge by Kathryn Hansen.

51:00- Listener Question #3: When to unfollow an influencer on Instagram.

52:00- Kara’s take on the question: viewing Instagram as entertainment.

54:45- Christina’s take: following people for their health advice.


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