SUP 012: Dr. Sarah Ballantyne on Autoimmune Paleo, Fiber & Micronutrients, and Balanced Macros

Welcome back to Straight Up Paleo, where Christina Rice and Kara Halderman answer all of your health questions…straight up.


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5:20 – Introducing our guest, Dr. Sarah Ballantyne! Dr. Ballantyne is the blogger behind the award-winning blog, cohost of the top-rated and syndicated  The Paleo View podcast, and New York Times Bestselling author of The Paleo ApproachThe Paleo Approach Cookbook, and The Healing KitchenShe has also just released her most recent book, Paleo Principles!

7:25 – How Sarah found Paleo & AIP

19:53 – Sarah’s experience with a low carb diet

23:33 – How much fiber and how many carbohydrates we need in our diets, with scientific backing

30:00 – The importance of high vegetable consumption

33:20 – Hunter gatherers’ vegetable consumption, and increasing vegetables in modern diets

41:40 – Moderate fat intake, and the effects of a high-fat diet

47:50  – The importance of adequate protein, and protein’s effect on weight loss

51:30 – Who is AIP good for? Can you have success with it even if you don’t have an autoimmune condition?

58:20 – Are there any foods that shouldn’t be reintroduced? What about lectins and nightshades?

1:09:30 – Trying out AIP vs tinkering with macronutrient ratios

1:12:15 – The most important micronutrients to consume in our diets

1:17:00  – All about Dr. Ballantyne’s new book, Paleo Principles!

For more of Dr. Ballantyne’s work, head to her blog, listen to The Paleo View podcast, and check out her books – The Paleo ApproachThe Paleo Approach Cookbook, The Healing Kitchen, and Paleo Principles!

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