SUP 017: Mike Mutzel on Endotoxins, Plant-Based Ketogenic Diets, and Lectins

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1:45 – Introducing Mike Mutzel, a Clinical Nutritionist who specializes in whole foods and plant based Ketogenic Diets. Check out his sight, High Intensity Health, for more information on him and his nutritional beliefs. He is also the author of Belly Fat Effect, a book on diet, gut health, and how to burn fat!

5:15 – Functional Medicine

5:50- Soy protein and it’s issues

8:50 – Gut and soy issues, how lectins may be affecting our gut.

12:10 – Mike’s thoughts on the plant paradox and moderating certain vegetables

13:35 – How pre-cut vegetables may be harmful

16:00 – Mike’s thoughts on high animal fats on a Keto diet and why vegetables are important

23:15 – Endotoxins in our bodies that could be related to bacteria in meat

28:25 – Why meat quality is so important

32:02 – Mikes approach to Keto and why he thinks plant focused Keto is best

40:17 – Intuitively eating on Keto

41:09 – Sprouting and soaking nuts and seeds

42:15 – How much vegetables should we eat?

46:20 – Time restrictive feeding-who it is good for and who should avoid it

51:18 – Who should follow a Keto lifestyle and who shouldn’t

54:20 – Mike on exercising and the importance of strength training

58:25 – Overtraining and how it can harm you

1:01 – Chronic cardio issues

1:05 – Mouth Taping, what is it and what are the benefits?

1:11 – Finding more on Mike on his website, High Intensity Health, at his YouTube channel High Intensity Health, and his Instagram @metabolic_mike!

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