SUP 018: Dr. Gabrielle Lyon on the need for a higher protein intake, and muscle centric medicine

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8:45 – Introducing Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, a nutrition and cognition physician who specializes in muscle centric medicine. She runs the Ash Center for Comprehensive Medicine in NYC where she practices functional medicine.

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12:55 – Dr. Lyon introduces herself and talks about what muscle centric medicine is

14:00 – How muscle mass impacts the whole body

15:15 – Why are people afraid of protein?

17:50 – High protein and mTOR

20:28 – How much protein should you be eating?

21:50 – Why we need to increase protein as we age

23:00 – Quality protein vs. non quality protein

25:00 – Stimulating muscle turnover through diet and resistance training

26:00 – Why do some vegans and vegetarians get muscular?

27:15 – What Dr. Lyon recommends for training

29:05 – What you should eat for muscle recovery

30:50 – Is there an upper limit to protein?

31:30 – How protein fits in with the other macronutrients

33:50 –  How to balance calories and not become obsessive with them

38:30 – How to get enough protein intake

41:00 – Thoughts on protein powders

41:55 – Collagen as a protein

43:50 – Protein from plants and why it is not sustainable

47:00 – Leucine and mTOR

48:10 – Symptoms of too low protein

48:45 – Effects on protein on gut health

49:10 – Who should be on a low protein diet

50:40 – Ammonia toxicity on high protein diets

51:30 – Dr. Lyons thoughts on fasting

54:30 – Fasting and hormone/thyroid problems

56:55 – Calorie amount in a restrictive feeding window

57:40 – Leptin resistance and combating it

58:50 – HIIT and resistance training

1:02:50 – Thoughts on circuit and body weight workouts

1:04:15 – Cardio effects on muscles

1:04:50 – Defining “heavy lifting”

1:06:15 – Lifting heavy, yet having high body fat

1:07:20 – Thoughts on supersetting for cardio and Crossfit

1:09:15 – Find Dr. Lyon on her instagram @drgabriellelyon and her website!

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