SUP 039: Jimmy Moore on Livin’ La Vida Low Carb

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6:00– Paleo f(x) talk and general conference talk

11:25 – Intro to today’s guest, Jimmy Moore.

15:50 – Jimmy Moore’s Background

22:15– Competition in the Paleo and Keto world

30:30– How do you know who to trust when learning about health?

32:00- How Jimmy Moore found Keto

45:00- Switching from Atkins to Keto

48:12- Jimmy’s experiment with high protein diet

56:30- What do you do if you are hungry on Keto?

1:00- Do calories matter in Ketosis?

1:05- How many veggies Jimmy eats on Keto

1:06:40- Jimmy’s opinion on Keto sweeteners

1:11- Differences between men and women on Keto

1:14- Developing intolerances on Keto

1:16- Go get Jimmy’s books starting with Keto Clarity,

Complete Guide to Fasting, The Keto Cure, & upcoming Real Food Keto

1:18:40- Jimmy’s thoughts on the Keto-terian

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Check out his podcast’s Living La Vida Low Carb, Fasting Talk with Jimmy Moore, Keto Talk with Jimmy & The Doc, and Ask the Low Carb Experts.

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