About Your Hosts

Christina Rice

Christina Rice is a Primal Health Coach (Christina Rice Wellness) currently studying to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, creator of the health and wellness blog Addicted to Lovely, and host of the Actually Adultish Podcast. After struggling with a number of different health issues over the years, Christina finally found that a primal lifestyle completely transformed her health. She saw how the primal way of living helped to relieve her digestive issues, balance out her hormones, clear her skin, and give her a new energy and mental clarity she didn’t have before. After learning firsthand that nutrient-dense food could truly heal, she dedicated herself to helping others find similar transformations in their own lives. 


She uses a holistic approach to help clients from all over live their healthiest lives, working with them to address different obstacles such as digestive discomfort, weight loss/gain, mindset around food and fitness, and more. She has a passion for healthy cooking, clean beauty, and fitness, and you can find all of her healthy recipes on her blog. You can usually find her on a long walk in Los Angeles, listening to a podcast, or recipe testing in the kitchen!


If you’re interested in working with Christina and setting up a consultation, you can email her at christina@christinaricewellness.com. You can find her at addictedtolovely.com or on Instagram (@addicted_to_lovely).

Kara Halderman

Kara Halderman is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, NLP Advanced Practitioner, creator of Karaboutit.com and cohost of the popular podcast Low Carb Conversations. Since a young age she had dealt with severe digestive distress, immune challenges, chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression. But after 19 years of poor diet, Kara discovered Paleo and the constant symptoms that ruled her life began melting away. She went back to University to pursue a nutrition degree, yet discovered the information was outdated and biased. Kara then found the Nutritional Therapy Association in 2016, which puts an emphasis on bioindividual, whole food nutrition to address the underlying cause of health imbalances. She also uses her tools as an NLP Advanced Practitioner to resolve the unconscious programs that sabotage health goals.

Now Kara helps young women accomplish wellness through a nutrient dense diet, lifestyle, mindset and spirituality. You can find her in Dallas, Texas where most days are spent podcasting, working with clients, cooking, meditating and of course eating delicious food!

Follow her on Instagram @kara_boutit and email her at kara.halderman@gmail.com for inquiries and consultations.