SUP 006: Keto Clarification – Cyclical Ketosis, Calories on Keto, and Optimal Carb-Ups

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2:00 – Updates and Kara’s very long nighttime routine

9:10 –  Clearing up keto confusion

11:15 – Listener Question 1 – Paleo-style keto, and is cyclical ketosis better?

14:00 – Keto vs low-carb

21:00 – Optimal carb-ups

28:00 – Paleo-keto vs other kinds of keto

35:00 – Listener Question 2: Incorporating keto for females, how low is “too low” carb, and calories on the keto diet

44:00 – How to increase your calories safely, and why it’s not calories in vs calories out

54:00 – Our thoughts on smoothies

1:00:00 – Are calories king?

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